A Pure Natural Substance You Have Never Heard Can Help Improve Health


Cannabidiol, or CBD, has recently gotten important media attention because of the intriguing source of the extract: cannabis.

It doesn’t have the effect you might think. It is not meant to be consumed, and it will not cause any temporary psychological alterations. It may, however, have positive interactions with your endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system, also known as the endogenous cannabinoid system or ECS, is named after cannabis, the plant that led to the discovery of the human system. Some physicians say that it is the “most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health”. Its role involved ensuring homeostasis, or a stable bodily system even when the environment around us fluctuates. They regulate coordination between cell types to prevent overreactions within the body and stabilizing the immune system to minimize pain and damage caused by illness or injury.

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Cannabinoid receptors are young in the nervous system (including the brain), glands, gonads, organs, immune system, and connective tissues.

This supplement contains CBD, or cannabidiol, which has gained significant interest in the scientific community because of its ability to help heal different parts of the body. Research has shown that cannabidiol helps to promote brain blood flow, reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation, help and may even be a treatment for psychosis and cancer.

Ease of Use

Elevated Health CBD provides naturally-occurring CBD through hemp oil. There is no need for a prescription, as is for medical marijuana since it doesn’t have any phycological effects (“zero-high”, as the company website says).

The supplement is found in soft-gel form, and it is mean to be consumed once a day. One bottle provides a one-month supply of the supplement.

It is not meant to treat illnesses, but rather as a supplement to help support overall health.

Is it of High Quality?

Elevated Health CBD is said to be 100% natural and organic, which would be an important note on its quality. However, it doesn’t have the organic certification label on the bottle, which would be the only guarantee of this claim.

The cannabis used to create Elevated Health CBD is grown and processed in the US, supposedly without GMOs or added chemicals, stimulants, or others.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t allow for a close look at the supplement ingredients or supplement information, so it is not possible to determine whether the actual content of the supplement is what the product actually contains. This is one of the downsides of this product – it is not possible to obtain detailed information about product composition other than what is found on the website dedicated to providing marketing information. Additionally, the website makes references to multiple “clinically proven” health benefits but does not make references to specific studies.

Who is It Geared Towards?

Elevated Health CBD is geared towards health-conscious people who want to prevent illnesses and stay in the best health condition possible. Other people this product is geared toward are those who have experienced chronic pain, depression or psychosis, or who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, and haven’t been satisfied with conventional treatments.

It is important to note that because of its efforts to promote Elevated Health Hemp Oil as a “miracle pill”, it is also geared towards people who may be looking for quick fixes to their health problems.

Others’ Opinions

Apart from what is found on the website, it is not possible to find reviews of the Elevated Health Hemp Oil. Reviews found directly on the website are not always dependable since, of course, they will highlight the best reviews, and also because there is no way of verifying whether or not the reviews are real.

The reviews on the product website mention users experiencing improvement or even a complete alleviate of pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, insomnia, and anxiety.

There are no reviews available about the price, customer service, or payment process.

Pros and Cons


  • Readily available scientific studies to support most of the claims
  • CBD was shown to be one of the beneficial components in cannabis
  • It is purchased over-the-counter
  • Does not cause any physiological alterations associated with cannabis
  • Is legal in all 50 states


  • No certifications to support organic and natural claims
  • Unable to examine ingredient list and supplement information before purchasing
  • No reviews external to the website are available
  • The structure of the website is limited in information – made to sell, not to inform.

What Alternatives are Available, and How Do They Measure Up?

  • Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil: provides exact information on CBD content, concentration, and even price. The composition is pure and strong, and the dale dose is only a drop or two.
  • Plus CBD Oil: The small spray bottle allows you to add the amount you need per day in an easy-to-use form. It is high quality, concentrated, and to take it, you only need to spray it twice a day on your tongue.
  • Herbal Renewals: CBD Oil Herbal Spray: This is made by the same company as the first supplement mentioned previously, and it is also sprayed directly onto the tongue. Rather than advertising itself as a miracle cure-all, it talks about helping to promote wellbeing in addition to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of studies (and more every day) that examine the function and effectiveness of CBD and other cannabis-based chemicals to help maintain overall health, and even alleviate or treat some illnesses.

However, it is important to always be wary of pills that claim to be “miracle” pills. Remember that there is no such thing as cure-alls. Because there is some evidence to support its effectiveness in some people for different ailments, it doesn’t mean it will be an immediate cure for everyone. CBD may help support your health, and, in some cases, may help to alleviate health issues you may be having.

However, there are other things you need to be doing to take care of your health, instead of depending on a pill to take care of all your woes. Having balanced eating habits and engaging in regular exercise is the best way to ensure your health in the long run.