Say Goodbye to Your Joint Pain Here is How


IBBH Joint Formula is a product developed by the Institute for Better Bone Health, which aims to improve joint comfort, support joint cartilage, and promote flexibility.

In contains three key ingredients in a unique formulation to support bone health and relieve some common joint discomforts. The three key ingredients the supplement includes are:

  • AvoVida®, from avocado and soybean
  • Boswellia serrata powder extract
  • UC-II® UC-250, a type II collagen complex

The most important ingredient is UC-II, which is a patented type of collagen which has been found to be more effective than the commonly used glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for joint problems. Studies show that it helps to reduce inflammation and pain, allowing users to carry out normal activities with greater ease, thus allowing people who use supplements with UC-II to have a better quality of life.

IBBH Joint Formula also has AvoVida®, a patented form of avocado and soy extract that helps to increase natural collagen synthesis on the surface of joints. This helps to protect existing cartilage. The extract also helps to decrease inflammation, which is what often causes pain and discomfort in those with joint problems.

Finally, Boswellia Extract, commonly known as frankincense, has been used for thousands of years to help treat joint problems. These positive effects aren’t myths. Boswellia serrata extract is effective in reducing pain and inflammation in people with osteoarthritis, inflammatory spinal disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

In short, this supplement is an alternative to other treatments for a range of joint problems, and may even be more effective.

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Ease of Use

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and the serving size is 2 capsules per day, providing the user with a month-supply of IBBH Joint Health. It can be taken with food or a glass of water.

The capsules may be a little large for people who have difficulties swallowing though they are gel-coated to facilitate this.

Is it of High Quality?

The patented ingredients help to ensure that the forms of collagen and avocado and soy extract are of the best quality. While there are other forms and formulas of both ingredients, when they are patented, it usually indicates that it is an effective formula that the manufacturers do not want to be duplicated.

The price is a little steep compared to some other joint health formulas, but clinical trials demonstrate that it is more effective, and requires smaller doses.

Who is It Geared Towards?

IBBH Joint Formula with UC-II is geared towards people with risk of joint problems, or people who are already suffering from joint problems. Some of these issues may include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, problems due to injury, problems affecting flexibility, and cartilage wear and tear, among others.

People who currently use glucosamine and chondroitin are key potential customers, namely people with age-related joint discomfort, or people who lead an active lifestyle, as it has shown to be more effective in a shorter amount of time.

Others’ Opinions

Reviews on the product website have given the product top ratings. They cite feeling improvements in as few as five days, feeling significant increases in flexibility and range of motion. In less than a month they are able to return to exercise, get up from sitting and lying down without pain, and feeling better overall. Reviews off the main site are also generally good, though there are some complaints about the price.

Pros and Cons


  • Mixes natural and formulated ingredients, taking advantage of the best of both worlds for treating joint pain.
  • Contains patented ingredients
  • Multiple scientific studies on the effectiveness of ingredients
  • No subscription model, like other supplement companies. You buy only what you need.
  • The product is available on
  • The ingredients are of high quality.


  • Price is higher than competing products.
  • Limited reviews of the product of the website.
  • Only a one-month supply.

What Alternatives are Available, and How Do They Measure Up?

There are several companies that offer UC-II® in their formulation as a way to treat joint pain.

  • UC-II®: This is a pure collagen II once-a-day formula. It also claims to improve joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility. It can be taken alone, or as an addition to other multi-ingredient formulas.
  • Brands’ UC-II®: This product is like the previous UC-II since it is pure UC-II. It claims to be two times more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin combined. The website for the product, however, doesn’t have specific supplement and ingredient information.
  • Now Foods, UC-II Joint Health: This product contains collagen II as well as seaweed-derived minerals. The price is lower and has mostly positive reviews, though it doesn’t contain avocado soy extract of frankincense extract.
  • Joint Active with UC-II®: besides containing UC-II®, it also has vitamin D, to support collagen production, and boron, to support healthy bones overall.

Bottom Line

IBBH Joint Health is a supplement that may be very beneficial for people with joint pain caused by aging or sports injury. There are a series of scientific articles that support the claims made on the supplement advertising. This demonstrates that, when used to treat problems related to the wearing down of cartilage and other problems causing joint pain, the IBBH supplement will likely be beneficial for you.

There are a series of competing products that have the same patented ingredient in their formulation. What sets IBBH Joint Health apart is the combination of three formulations, all of which have independent scientific evidence to support their effectiveness.

The biggest criticisms of the formula are regarding the price; some people think it is too high for only having a month’s supply.

Overall, IBHH Joint Health supplement is a good option for people who suffer from joint pain related to aging or to an exercise injury.