How to Improve Your Scalp Circulation

Blood circulation through your scalp provides the nutrients to the papilla, hair root, you need for healthy hair and normal growth. Anything that hampers this circulation will affect your hair health and will lead to hair loss and baldness. Here are some conditions that could exist:

Narrowing of the arteries to the head decreases Blood circulation to the scalp. This brings less blood to your scalp and fewer hair nutrients to your hair. Your blood has good circulation to your head but does not have the right nutrients for good hair growth.

The galena, the crown scalp, thickens and becomes tense, as you age, and reduces the blood circulation to that area.

When you start to experience hair loss, this is a signal that your health is not in balance. It is a good time to take notice and do something about your health. Researchers have found that when you start to develop hardening of the arteries – a condition where atherosclerotic plaque accumulates along artery walls – less nitric oxide (NO) is excreted from the artery walls.

Nitric oxide is needed to keep new hair growth, which replaces old hair that falls out. It is Nitric oxide that is the active ingredient in the product Rogaine.

Men that are found with less artery plaque build-up have shown to have more hair than men with a lot of plaque build-up. Unfortunately, what this means is that men who lose their hair early have an issue with the hardening of the arteries and most likely will die of a heart attack or a cardiovascular disease as they age.

Women seem to overcome this problem of reduced nitric release because of their higher estrogen levels.
So what must you do to improve nitric oxide release? You must use those supplements and natural remedies that can reverse the plaque buildup along your artery walls.

Scalp stimulators

Here’s how you can get more blood to circulate through your scalp and bring more nutrients to your hair follicles. After you shower, if you have a shower hose extension, shower hot water, on your head, as hot as you can stand it for 15 seconds or so. Then turn the hot water off and let the cold water run over your head for 15 seconds or so. Do this 4 to 6 times every time you shower. This should take about an extra 5 minutes in the shower.

When you finish, you will feel refreshed and awake. You may not need coffee and may even decide to eat a fruit breakfast that will provide you with minerals for your hair. This hot and cold water application will also keep your ears and brain active and sharp.

Lack of minerals chromium and manganese and excess fat and sugar in your diet can contribute to the narrowing of veins leading to the scalp. Available chromium and manganese help the body digest fats before the can settle on artery walls.