Best recommended devices for hair loss

There are many home devices, and they fall into two categories. This is dependent on the baldness process which will determine the one you will use. Many women suffer from hair thinning.

In such a scenario, they don’t need a head cap device, rather a dynamic device such as a comb is recommended since a comb can target the problem better.

The hand-held devices are elementary to manipulate and can limit the treatment to the exact area you want to concentrate on. The best-recommended devices are:

A. Theradome

Unlike most of the commonly used devices manufactured with LEDs. This 678nm laser device can penetrate the scalp and can as well enter the follicles of your hair just within the first session of 20 minutes. When the cellular level is stimulated, adequate energy is gained that helps to strengthen, regrow and rejuvenate the hair. However, note that both hair growth and hair loss does not take place overnight.

By using this red light therapy device at least 2vtimes per week for 20 minutes/session, you are already paving your way to re-growth of healthy hairs. Most clinical trials have revealed that hair loss can definitely be reversed using the Theradome LH80 Pro.

Majority of my patients that adhere to these instructions and recommended regimen experienced increased hair growth, decreased shedding and, an overall doubling of the diameter of the hairs thus giving them a more vibrant and thicker hair. Direction: Use Theradome twice per week and 20 minutes for each session.

B. Hairmax Ultima 9

This therapy comb is cordless and has a rechargeable battery which makes it more portable and accessible anytime. This device possesses a patented hair parting system which allows the red light to penetrate the scalp effectively.

The hair max laser comb is the most preferred device in many of the scientific studies on hair loss treatment. It comes with a many back guarantee of 5 months.

C. iGrow Helmet

This is specifically for those with thinning hair. It uses both the LED light diodes and red laser. iGrow gives your hair the healthier, thicker and fuller nature it deserves.


FDA cleared and clinically tested:

In the various published journal, iGrow enhances hair count by 37% in females and 40% in males after a period of 3 months. This device strengthens weak hairs and makes them have a very luscious look.

Better Comfort for Optimum Results:

iGrow has four adjustable columns that provide thorough comfort and scalp coverage.
There are many causes of thinning hair. Whether you are suffering from genetic alopecia, male pattern baldness or just thin wispy hair, iGrow can provide the remedy to it.

The device arrives with one year manufacturer’s warranty, and 6-months money-back guarantees for both men and women.

D. Nutrastim Hair Comb

This ultimate device developed by medical experts enhances hair growth from their roots via its twelve-innovative-lasers. The device reverses miniaturization and increases energy production.