Basic Exercise Tips & Secrets

1) Muscle is active tissue, fat is not. 
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.  Muscle uses a significant number of calories every day for repair and rebuilding giving your metabolism a boost even when you’re resting.  So make sure strengthening exercises (like weight lifting) are part of your workout. 16)  Stay Busy.  Most people will do anything to avoid work, housework, yard work, exercise, etc.   But any kind of work burns a lot more calories than just sitting.  Whatever it is you are avoiding – just go and do it!

2)  Consider anytime you have to lift, bend, reach, walk as an opportunity to burn additional calories and as an extension of your formal workout.

3)  Get a good chart (like the one in Total Fitness – U.S. Edition) that lists how many calories are burned for different activities – depending on what you weigh.

4)  For any activity, the more you weigh the more calories you burn!

5)  Engage in leisure activities such as dancing, bowling and gardening more often. They can be enjoyable and provide added exercise.

6)  If you work at a desk, stand up and stretch two or three times a day, read standing up, etcetera.

Exercise Tips & Secrets

7)  If you’ve been inactive for some time, rather than starting with one of the more strenuous exercises, you should initially confine yourself to walking until you can easily walk two miles at a brisk pace.  When you reach this stage more strenuous exercises can be attempted if desired.

8)  Some sports medicine physicians contend that if you are badly overweight you should limit your exercise to walking until you are less than 25 percent overweight.

9)  An exercise buddy can make exercise more enjoyable and can help you get going and keep going on days when you might otherwise quit.

10)  On the other hand, an exercise partner probably means that you now have the schedules of two busy people to contend with and plan around, which can at times actually hinder your workout.

11)  You must be open to rearranging your priorities to fit exercise into your daily life.

12)  To improve muscle tone and overall fitness, feel good and stay healthy, you should exercise at least five days per week, day after day, week after week, year after year – for as long as you are physically able.

13)  Remember exercise key words: consistent, determined, steady, persistent, dogged, unswerving, gritty, single-minded.  Consistent!

Walking Tips & Secrets

14)  Walking is wonderful exercise. It’s an exercise you can do anywhere, that you can do well into your old age, that you can do outdoors or indoors, and that requires no special equipment other than a good comfortable pair of walking shoes. 

Whereas, joining and working out at a fitness center can be relatively expensive.

15)  Buy a pedometer and start walking.  For the average person, 2,100 steps amount to walking about one mile.  A Harvard study has shown that 8,000 to 10,000 step per day promotes weight loss.

16)  Walk to burn calories and lose weight.  You burn about 100 calories for each mile that you walk.  Jogging burns about the same 100 calories per mile – but in a shorter time.

17)  160 lb person (man or woman) walking at 3.5 mph burns about 320 Calories in one hour.

18)  Walking not only helps you lose weight but also has many health benefits.  So when you walk – don’t saunter – walk briskly.

19)  Look for opportunities to walk, such as walking to a local store rather than driving, walking the course if you play golf, and mowing your lawn.

20)  For extra exercise, park within walking distance of your destination and walk, and if you’re healthy walk upstairs rather than taking an elevator or escalator.

21)  For more exercise, take a brisk 15-minute walk around the mall before you start shopping.

22)  For life-long weight control take a vigorous 30 to 60-minute walk every day!  That’s right – everyday.  Make exercise a nonflexible top priority part of your life.