6 Cancer Prevention Tips

    Over the years, as people’s living condition is becoming better and better, cancer has changed from a rare disease to a common disease. It is like a ghost, which makes people fear. In order to defeat cancer, scientists are working hard on the cure. But before the real cure appears, what can we do to avoid it? Here we listed 6 cancer prevention tips, to help you keep away from cancer and staying healthy. Keeping healthy is the responsibility of being a person – this is the famous quote of the Dutch philosopher Spinoza.

    1. Remember 5 Words in Your Diet

    Cancer Prevention By Eating Healthy Food
    Cancer Prevention By Eating Healthy Food @pixabay

    A lot of cancer is related to what you’ve eaten. The occurrence of cancer is closely related to diet. Among the top ten high-risk cancers, about 7 to 8 are related to “eating”. Therefore, to prevent cancer, you must work hard on your diet. Remember these five words: ” Rough”, “Light”, “Miscellaneous”, “Less”, and “Vegetarian“.

    “Rough” means eat more coarse grains and crude fiber foods; “Light” means eVat less high-fat, animal protein foods, and less salt; “Miscellaneous” means rich food types, not too single; “Less” means control Sugar, protein, fat, and energy intake; ” Vegetarian” means eating more fruits and vegetables, less red meat.

    Studies have shown that eating at least 400 grams of different types of vegetables and fruits daily can reduce the incidence of cancers such as oral cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer.