Looking Good: Tips for Teens

If you are a teen you might moan every time you get a new zit or acne outbreak, but at least you don’t have wrinkles! Acne will clear up with a small amount of effort on your part; wrinkles need cosmetic surgery or else you’re stuck with them.

Whether you’re a teen or not, you like to present a confident face to the world and the best way to do this is to know you look your best.

One of the biggest problems for teens is acne; so instead of buying that new outfit for $200, why not take yourself off to a dermatologist for professional advice and treatment? It’s going to be your best investment ever. Imagine life without acne! One thing the lucky teen does not need in the cosmetics department is the foundation.

Foundation will hide your lovely fresh complexion and look unnatural, so stick to concealer – pat, don’t rub it on – for those spots and then add powder. Less is more in the make-up department. If you love mascara and eye shadow, go for it but leave your lips looking nude. Like lots of color on your lips? Leave the eye make-up on the shelf. If you do both at once, it will look way too much. Tinted lip-gloss or sheers colors are great.

More Natural Beauty Tips For Teens

Hair is the next essential. When adding color, don’t go overboard, but choose colors only a shade or two lighter or darker. Highlights around the face look great, so long as they are not overdone. If half your hair is blonde and the other half black it just looks weird, not fabulous.

Many teens are on a budget, so why pay out lots of dollars for eye make-up removers when Vaseline does the job just as well? If you use it for your lips, they’ll be soft and smooth in no time. Never buy an el-cheapo moisturizer, eye shadow, powder or lipstick. The more expensive ones are way ahead in quality. If you use makeup with sunscreen you’ll get two benefits in one.

Nails are something everyone has to deal with and if yours are kept short and clean they’ll look good without much other attention. Toenails that are too long look revolting. If you apply polish, don’t wear it until it is chipped and cracked; this looks gross. Don’t forget, your youth is your biggest asset; all you really need is to keep clean and fresh and keep your hair tidy and you’ll look great.