Looking Good: Tips for Pregnancy

One of the most common non-medical problems during pregnancy is stretch marks. Sometimes they form on the thighs and upper arms as well as the stomach.

Gaining weight too rapidly is one cause of them; so one way to control them is to watch your diet. You’ll be doing that anyway, for the sake of your unborn child. But heredity also plays a big part in whether or not you’ll get stretch marks. It seems that the lighter your complexion, the more at risk you are from getting stretch marks.

It’s a good idea to lubricate the area well with a natural moisturizer like pure cocoa butter. Remember that the skin absorbs whatever is put onto it and will eventually direct it into your – and hence your baby’s – bloodstream. While the amount will be minimal, you don’t want any more chemicals than necessary to be absorbed by your unborn child.

The skin of most pregnant women seems to glow without any help from them, but it is essential to get plenty of rest and relaxation. Don’t overdo this – as if you could with other children to attend to – but for a first pregnancy, exercise is also important. It will keep you from gaining excess weight and keep you fit for giving birth.

You can be glam these days when you’re pregnant. Our great-grandmothers usually hid themselves away for nine months; these days there are many beautiful fashions for the pregnant woman. Treat yourself to several good outfits. Don’t worry about them only being in use for nine months. Some can be worn afterwards. Besides, you may have more than one child. Clothes with a few gathers or flares at the front will cover that bulge without accenting it.

Footwear needs to be comfortable and safe. When you get really big, you can feel a bit off balance, so don’t wear high heels and risk falling. Many women find that a moderate heel is more comfortable than a flat one. Your feet might swell, so if you have adjustable straps, you’ll get more wear from your shoes.

Style your hair so that it is easy to do – once the baby is born you won’t have that much spare time for managing an intricate hairstyle. Some women want to change their hairstyles quite drastically during pregnancy. This is more to do with fluctuating hormones than anything, so you might be sorry afterwards if you go from long and lustrous to short and spiky in one day. Remember that hair condition and texture can change during pregnancy, so what worked before may not work now.